USB Charging

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  • USB C PD Power Delivery 75W Output Car Charger For Laptops
    Model #: GM-UCPDCARB

    Rated 4.56 out of 5
  • USB C 60W power delivery car charger

    USB C Power Delivery 60W Output Car Charger For Laptops
    Model #: GM-UCPDCARW

  • USB-C Universal Laptop Power Adapter

    USB C Universal 45W Laptop Power Supply w/USB C Cable
    Model #: GM-LAP45WPD

  • USB C Universal 60W Laptop Power Supply w/USB C Cable
    Model #: GM-LAP60WPD

  • USB C wall charger with cable

    USB C Wall Charger 45W For Laptops and USB Devices
    Model #: GM-UC45WPD

  • USB Car Charger 45W w/Dual Port Type-A and Normal Charging Type-C Gray
    Model #: GM-UCQCA3P

  • 8 PIN and USB type-A fast charging connectors

    USB Fast Charging 36 inch Lightning Cable For IPhone
    Model #: GM-LBLK-X36

  • USB Type-C 27W PD Adapter for Apple Phones 8/8 Plus/iPhone X with Super Fast Charging White
    Model #: GM-IPPDC3W

  • USB C Mini Universal AC Adapter for Laptop Charging

    USB Type-C 3 Port Universal AC Power Delivery Adapter
    Model #: GM-1C2AQCMiNi

  • USB-C 27W PD Charger for Apple and Android Phones Fast Charging
    Model #: GM-IPPDC3

  • USB C 5 port universal mini AC adapter

    USB-C 5 Port Universal AC PD Adapter w/Optional Connectors
    Model #: GM-1C4AQCMiNi