3.3V TTL-232R Serial UART Cable 6FT with 3.5mm Audio Jack


USB to 3.3V terminated TTL-232R cable

3.3V USB to TTL For 232R serial signals proprietary to serial communication hardware using audio jack connections.

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USB to 3.3V TTL Terminated Audio Jack Cable

The U232R3v3AJ TTL-232R 3.3V converter cable is terminated by a standard 3.5mm Audio Jack (AJ) connector at one cable end. This is a TTL cable with an audio jack connector with +5V based TX and RX signalling.

TTL audio jack connector

The TTL audio jack cable is fully CE and FCC certified and are used for various applications.


  • Converts the terminated connection with a 3.5mm audio jack which provides access to the TX, RX and GND signals.
  • Works in the same way as DB9 connector, however, the audio jack serves as a preparatory connection through hardware specifically designed to use an audio jack for serial communication, the rings in the audio jack serve the signal instead of typical pins.


  • 6ft USB Programming Cable with 3.5mm terminating stereo jack
  • Standard: Tip: TX, Ring-RX, Sleeve-GND
  • USB TTL to 3.5mm stereo jack cable
  • 300 ~ 1Mbps baud rate speed

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Weight 0.150 lbs
Dimensions 6.750 × 4.750 × .625 in
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USB to 3.5mm Audio Jack