Gearmo® 3 Port USB Charging Station for Smart Phones and Tablets


Charge your iPad, iPhone, cell phone, digital camera and more! The 3 Port USB Charging Station is a fast charger supporting 1amp and 2amp current devices, includes smart sensing technology to prevent over charging and an on/off switch when not in use.

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Charge your Smart Phone and Tablet

The 3 Port USB Gearmo® charging station provides a simple, convenient way to charge up to 3 mobile devices simultaneously! This product allows you to charge iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and any devices that utilizes a standard USB charging cable. This is strictly a charging station, it does not transfer data.

This 3 Port USB charging station plugs directly into any wall outlet to enable a 5 Volt 3 Amp power supply that provides a total of 4.0 amps of charging power.

Delivering 2Amps in the first port (top), and 1Amp in each additional port allowing simultaneous charging of a tablet and mobile affecting each other. With the 3 Port USB charging station’s smart sensing technology, the power is shut off when fully charged. This feature protects your devices from over charging that might cause damage

3 Port USB Charger Features

  • Charge up to 3 devices simultaneously
  • Smart sensing technology
  • Eco-Friendly Design
  • Fire-Proof plastic material
  • Output: DC 5 Volt 3 Amp
  • 1.5 Metre power cable plugs directly into any wall outlet

Other Information

  1. Could charge one tablet and other two digital devices, like mobiles, cameras, MP3 and more at the same time;
  2. The case is made of fire-proof material;
  3. Support max 4A.
  4. Cable 1.5m could extend from your wall outlet to your table.
  5. Switch design, need not unplug cable after use.

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