36 inch USB Lightning Cable Fast Charging Gold


36 inch long USB to Lightning Cable for fast charging of iPhones and iPods. Charge mobile devices on the go or in the office where mobile battery charging is a must. Attractive gold sleeves on connectors.

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36 inch USB Lightning Cable with Gold Connectors

The GM-LGLD-X36 is a 36 inch long USB Lightning Cable that enables fast charging of your lightning enabled mobile phones, iPods or other mobile devices. Charge you iPhone quickly and easily with this attractive cable with gold sleeved connectors. The USB to lightning cable is compact and has a maximum power rating of 1.8A at 5V to supply enough current for charging.

This 36 inch USB Lightning Cable easily and conveniently becomes compact allowing for travel or storage when not in use. It is constructed with a bright white cabling and connectors that are encased in a gold sleeve for an attractive look.

This lightning cable is a great accessory to keep handy while in the office or at home for charging your devices.

Fast Charging Cable Features

  • 36 inch long compact cable
  • Maximum power rating of 1.8A at 5V
  • Gold Sleeves on Connectors
  • Easy Connect/Disconnect from devices
  • 8 pin connector for lightning ports
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod Charging

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Additional information

Weight .031 lbs


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