8 inch Fast Charging USB Lightning Cable


8 inch compact Fast Charging USB to Lightning Cable with 8 pin lightning connector. Charge mobile devices such as an iPhone or other lightning port enabled device with battery charging requirements.


USB Fast Charging Mobile Lightning Cable

The GM-LSLVR-X8 is a small Fast Charging 8 inch lightning cable for lightning connector enable mobile phones and devices. Charge you iPhone quickly and easily with this compact cable.

This USB to Lightning Cable is constructed with a bright white cabling and connectors that are encased in a silver sleeve for an attractive compact look.

Fast Charging Cable Features

  • Short and compact for travel
  • Maximum power rating of 1.8A at 5V
  • Can be connected on either side, no restricted position
  • Easy Connect/disconnect
  • 8 pin connector

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Additional information

Weight .013 lbs

Cable Length