Be Wary When Purchasing

Help us stop counterfeit
GearMo® shouts out loud “We are Quality” with our brand name of products. It’s no wonder our products (or copies of) are all over the place, that’s a problem! If you find that you have seen one of our products being sold outside of the GearMo website or approved eTailers, we want to know!

Our staff is dedicated to providing its customers the best assistance it can offer, when others copy and sell our products we’re unable to offer that support and warranty which hurts all of us. There are many that try to copy our products but none will reach the high standard we hold ourselves too.

We have seen the manufactured copies and we know they are loitering around our website watching the technologies we are engineering into all our products. The truth of the matter is that these replicators, copycats, and imposters aren’t able to authenticate what they are doing and give you the support you ask for.

Helping our customers protect themselves and their equipment from damage by impersonated products is tough. You can help yourself by not becoming a victim of a fake Gearmo product. Just follow these 3 simple points:

  1. Our products are only sold from our list of approved eTailers located on the bottom of this page. Let us know if you see it elsewhere.
  2. All our Brand Name products have our unmistakable GearMo Logo that is processed during manufacturing.
  3. Contact Us to verify your order number, GearMo’s order numbers are unique to the sale, if we can’t match your order number, you didn’t get it from us.

Thanks for being loyal customers of GearMo and for reporting the counterfeit products, it helps us help you!

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