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Gearmo’s Industrial USB Hub Competitor Analysis

Gearmo’s Industrial USB Hub Competitor Analysis

Choosing the Right Industrial USB Hub Industrial installs require reliable equipment. Solid USB communications, dependable data transfers between hosts and peripherals, and ESD protection for all downstream connections are not just beneficial — they’re crucial....

USB 3.0 Hub or USB 3.0 Hub – Gearmo Has Hub Options

USB 3.0 Hub or USB 3.0 Hub – Gearmo Has Hub Options

When a USB 3.0 Hub is not Just a Hub USB 3.0 hubs are not just hubs; they are pieces of equipment that can offer options for application and layout design. Why, you might ask? Gearmo products need to keep up with industry as much as any other brand. It stands to...

New Wireless Power Bank Charger for iPhone8 and iPhoneX

New Wireless Power Bank Charger for iPhone8 and iPhoneX

Introducing Gearmo’s Wireless Power Bank Charger for iPhone 8, iPhone X with USB Power delivery iPhone 8 and iPhone X wireless power bank charger by Gearmo. Our new wireless power bank introduces you to a multi-functional, wireless USB charger. Wireless charging can...

Gearmo to Attend CES

Gearmo to Attend CES

GearMo® Will be Attending CES this Upcoming Year! In taking advantage of all CES 2018 is offering, we invite everyone to our booth at the Sands Convention CES. Feel free to drop by our booth #40465 at these times: 10 AM-6 PM on Tuesday Jan. 9th 9 AM-6 PM on Wednesday...

What is USB-C? USB Legacy Applications For Type-C

What is USB-C? USB Legacy Applications For Type-C

What is USB-C? USB-C™ is the newest USB connector on the block, it's also called USB Type-C™. No matter how you refer to it, Type-C is widely becoming the new go to USB interface. Technically it’s just another USB connector but it has opened doors in laptop, notebook,...

Introducing Gearmo’s New USB-C Power Delivery Products

USB C PD Power Delivery 75W Output Car Charger for Laptops Model Number: GM-UCPDCARB - A new laptop and A Game console with USB-C? You need a new USB-C car charger! Car chargers aren’t new, but charging your laptops with USB-C power delivery is. We’ve put this USB-C...

Windows 10 IrDA update for April 2016

Windows 10 IrDA update for April 2016

Windows 10 now has working IrDA - Sorta Our Supplier provided us with an updated driver last week, and we've been testing it here as best we could (we only have a few IrDA products to test with). Long story short, the driver they have given us is identical to the one...

USB Charger 10-Port 120W  – The Best GearMo® USB Charger

USB Charger 10-Port 120W – The Best GearMo® USB Charger

GearMo® Releases one of the Best USB 10-Port Chargers on the Market CLEARWATER, Fla., March. 9, 2016 – GearMo®, a versatile computer peripheral provider brings USB charging solutions to a new level and announces their 10-Port 120W Smart AC USB Charger Station that...

Windows 10 and Infrared (IrDA)

Windows 10 and Infrared (IrDA)

Shortly before the release of Windows 10 we downloaded the evaluation pre-release edition and tested many of our products against it. One of the products found to work perfectly fine was the IRJOY USB to Infrared adapter. However, after Windows 10 was released to the...

Windows 10 Support

At this time the following products GearMo have been tested and found to be working under Windows 10: All GearMo brand Serial to USB adapters All GearMo brand TTL to USB adapters All USB extension cables All USB Hubs All Charging Hubs   The following products...

Things to know about Lightning Cables

About Lightning Cables When the iPhones and iPods (versions 5 and up from 2012) were introduced, so was the term and technology for the “Lightning cable”, an 8-Pin connector with a shield which could act as a 9th Pin. The “Lightning Cable” technology implied that the...

Serial Driver Support for Customers

Serial Adapter Driver Support In this blog post we are targeting those who use serial devices because these are the devices that we will generally receive the most calls for and require a driver if it does not include a plug-and-play adapter. Technical support for the...

Accommodating USB Small Office Demands

Mobile Charging - Ethernet media - Serial Connections Small Office Demands with High-end Solutions Small office and not many options to run needed peripherals such as printers, external hard drives, web cams, or even a card reader? Have you thought about using an...

The Gaming Hubs – USB Hubs That is

The Gaming Hubs, USB Hubs That is! Gamers despite the computers that they use can’t always get away from limitations in system or peripheral interfaces. Gaming mice or keyboards and steering wheels eventually take up space limiting all available USB port connections,...

USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Cable Differences

Noticing a Difference with USB Cables Have you noticed a difference in USB Cables? The technological developments with USB 3.0 cables have challenged peripheral users on both sides of the coin. On one side, USB 3.0 cables have been engineered to transmit data at...

Types of USB to Serial Converters

New computers, less serial ports, the need for USB to Serial RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 converters to adapt for new technology. Are you getting the most from new technology when the old is being used?

Telecommunication and RS-232 Serial Communication

The DB-9 pin structure, screw-lock cable connectors, and USB interfaces between the two to connect our communication streams and terminal data hadn’t been thought of yet. Early communications started with beacons, smoke signals, and the telegraph were all early forms of telecommunication.

USB Charging Stations – Charging Today’s Technology

Why is my iPad charging so slowly from my laptop? USB Charging Stations are portable, stable, and efficient solutions for charging your mobile technology. Foldable USB Charging Stations are compact yet versatile in their usage of overall balance of voltage and current. With built-in surge protection, your mobile devices are protected from accidental electrical power spikes.

USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapters – Network Over USB 3.0

Making use of USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapters while keeping IEEE 802.3, 802.3u and 802.3ab standards. Auto-Sensing 10/100/1000Mbps speeds and Auto MDIX for straight and crossed network cable auto-detection of your network makes a connection to your high speed network simple.

USB 3.0 Extension Cables

Description of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Extension Cables and their uses based on your USB device application needs. USB 3.0 data transfer speeds are up to 5.0Gbps depending on systems resources error-free.

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