USB to RS-422/485

USB to RS422 and USB to RS485 are both serial protocol converters using a DB-9 series connector in combination with USB Type-A host for signal conversion. Both protocols can bring point to point and Multi-dropped connections with USB to RS-485 having a maximum of 32 loads and USB to RS-422 a maximum of 10. Add our USB serial converters to your list of must have adapters for your COM port devices.

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  • Pro 5ft. USB to RS-422 / RS-485 Converter w/FTDI Chip
    Model #: US-485422


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  • USB to RS-422/485 Converter FTDI CHIP w/ Terminals
    Model #: USA-482422


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  • USB to RS485 RS422 Optically Isolated Serial Adapter

    USB to RS485 | RS422 Optically Isolated Industrial Serial Adapter
    Model #: US-422i


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