USB C Docking Station

Gearmo USB C Docking Stations are powered by the Type-C port of your laptop or notebook. With multiple ports and functions, our Type0C docking stations support USB hub functionality, audio and video output, Ethernet, and even SD card reading. An all-in-one solution for the power user with multi-functional needs.

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  • USB C PD 50W Power Dock for Notebooks w/Built-In HDMI Output
    Model #: GM-PDU31CNA


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  • USB-C PD Docking Station and Multiport USB 3.1 Hub

    USB C PD Docking Station w/Multi-Port USB 3.1 Hub & Display
    Model #: GM-UC31MPDOC


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  • USB-C Hub 9 in 1 Travel Series Portable Docking Station
    Model #: GM-U3C9i1-TS


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