USB-C PD 75W Dual Port Car Charger

Charge your laptop, phone, or other USB-C enabled devices in the car while driving without losing power! This black USB C Power Delivery car charger fits the need while traveling by car.

USB-C Display Adapters

Display USB-C devices on monitors and projectors over these adapters including conversion from HDMI and VGA.

New USB Type C Products

  • Gearmo 20000mAh Type-C Portable Ultra High Capacity Power Bank

    Gearmo 20000mAh Type-C Portable Ultra High Capacity Power Bank
    Model #: GM-20KPDPB

  • USB Type-C Power Delivery Power Meter

    Gearmo USB Type C Power Delivery Tester with OLED Display (Black)
    Model #: GM-TCPM-OLED

  • USB C PD Power Delivery 75W Output Car Charger For Laptops
    Model #: GM-UCPDCARB

  • USB Type-C 27W PD Adapter for Apple Phones 8/8 Plus/iPhone X with Super Fast Charging White
    Model #: GM-IPPDC3W


USB 3.0 Hub or USB 3.0 Hub – Gearmo Has Hub Options

When a USB 3.0 Hub is not Just a Hub USB 3.0 hubs are not just hubs; they are pieces of equipment that can offer options for application and layout design. Why, you might ask? Gearmo products need to keep up with industry as much as any other brand. It stands to...

New Wireless Power Bank Charger for iPhone8 and iPhoneX

Introducing Gearmo’s Wireless Power Bank Charger for iPhone 8, iPhone X with USB Power delivery iPhone 8 and iPhone X wireless power bank charger by Gearmo. Our new wireless power bank introduces you to a multi-functional, wireless USB charger. Wireless charging can...

  • 5 Port USB Travel Charger with USB-A and USB-C Ports

    5 Port USB-C / USB-A White Charging Station 4 USB-A 1 USB-C Port
    Model #: GM-1C4USQW

  • USB-C PD Docking Station and Multiport USB 3.1 Hub

    USB C PD Docking Station w/Multi-Port USB 3.1 Hub & Display
    Model #: GM-UC31MPDOC

  • 16 inch USB C to Serial Adapter with LED

    USB C to Serial RS232 16 Inch Adapter with LED Indicators USB 2.0
    Model #: GM-FTDI2-LED16-C

  • USB to HDMI USB-C adapter

    USB-C HDMI Adapter 4K Ultra High Definition Aluminum Shell
    Model #: UC-HDMiSLVR