USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapters – 10/100/1000Mbps Network Speeds Over USB 3.0

USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter - Cat5 port

USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter

A short time ago, running an Ethernet Hi-Speed Network through a USB adapter wasn’t possible, at least not with the speed that we needed for significant data transferring applications. Without changing and expanding USB technologies, we may as well have stayed with a 56k modems and USB 1.1 specs. Now, USB technology is changing in version, specifications, and capabilities, USB 3.0 Ethernet Network Adapters have also developed which have enabled support for 10/100/1000Mbps network speeds with accurate error-free handling of data.

The time it may have taken to disassemble your PC to install a network card, reassemble, reboot and configure that same card has also changed with Ethernet Adapters. USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapters have incorporated support for network type Auto-Sensing, Auto MDIX network cable detection (straight and crossed), and full/half duplex operations, essentially USB Ethernet Adapters have made it incredibly easy to install a network over a USB adapter that uses plug and play to install what it needs to run all while supporting IEEE 802.3, 802.3u and 802.3ab standards.

Generally speaking in this case, the “keep it simple” method applies without worrying about sacrifices to your network.