USB 3.0 Extension Cables for Data Transfer over Distance


USB 3.0 extension cable A and B connectors

USB 3.0 extension cable connectors

USB 3.0 Extension cables: Various lengths of cable using USB 3.0 compliant standards technology to connect devices that require super-speed deliverance of data over an extended distance. That’s a long way of saying; I want to connect this USB printer in another room while I leave my PC here.

USB extension cables are a manufactured cable that enables you to extend a connection to USB devices in a location other than next to your PC, thereby extending your data signal. This is a great solution for a business office or industrial environment where the peripheral layout needs to be located in a different area. Essentially USB 3.0 extension cables in this case can be used as a transparent hub.

USB 3.0 extension cables need to be durable because of their length and weight. They are constructed with a thick  shielded jacket and carry super-speed data transfers capable of up to 5.0Gbps error-free. USB 3.0 extension cables are not passive cables, they are an active device that buffers data received and transmitted to meet electrical and timing  specifications. Extension cables are self powered from the USB host port of the PC or laptop.

USB 2.0 20 ft. extension cable

20 ft. USB 2.0 extension cable

In thinking about various applications that USB extension cables can be used in, think of your data center where you might have multiple USB hard drives, a meeting room in need of a USB projector, or where needed, a web cam for security monitoring. USB extension cables can be purchased as hi-speed USB 2.0 compliant or super-speed USB 3.0 compliant with backward compatibility to USB 2.0. They are both capable of supporting hi-power consumption devices with the aid of a power adapter. Either of these extension cable solutions can be supplied in lengths that can accommodate expanding peripheral application needs.