GearMo® Making Changes with USB Charging

Since 2009, GearMo® has been a pioneering factor in Linux, Mac, and Windows computer USB peripherals. The company is changing the way that electronics are used with on the fly solutions that expand outside the box. Introducing new USB standards technologies for charging Smart Phones, Tablets, and iPads.

Clearwater, FL. February 12, 2014 – USB Charger Stations are one of the newest products that GearMo® has introduced. Expanding their variety of USB peripherals for both non-data and data transfer applications. GearMo® has been marketing its products online since its inception and has become a strong competitor in the electronic peripheral market.

GearMo® conceptualizes and extensively tests all of their USB peripherals, which allows them to provide superior quality and support to its customers. The newest of these products is the GearMo® iCS-10P-W USB 10-port 60 Watt AC Charger Station for mobile devices. The charger station effectively outputs a 1Amp current to all 10 USB ports and 2.4Amps of power per port up to 5 ports, power settings controlled via a up7534 (Current-Limited, Power Distribution High Side switch) or MOSFET switch.

The iCS-10P-W has fast charging capabilities with an AC 100-240V 1.3A 50/60Hz input specification that is compatible worldwide and DC 5V 1A x 10 or DC 5V 2.4A x 5 output. The GearMo® 60 Watt AC USB 10-Port Charger Station can effectively charge up to 10 Smart Phones simultaneously or up to 5 iPads requiring the higher charging current. These devices may include but aren’t limited to iPads, iPhones, iPods, Digital Cameras, Tablets, Bluetooth headsets, GPS and more.

With nearly 30 years of computer electronics experience, GearMo® has fashioned itself to be a leader in the USB peripheral segment. Offering innovative and compact designs, high quality products, as well as a valuable customer support system that it takes great pride in. GearMo® is “Making Changes with USB Charging”!

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