10 Port USB Charging Station for Smart Phones/Tablet PCs

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This product is discontinued effective March 1, 2018.

Our new 10 Port USB Charger provides you with a simple solution for charging up to 10 different devices simultaneously!

Charge 5 iPads (tablets) or 10 iPhones (smart phones)at once! The 10 Port USB charger station features adjustable power settings, which accommodate for devices with a higher power consumption rate. The first power setting provides you with 10 USB ports for charging at 1.0 Amps per port. The next power setting enables up to 5 USB ports with 2.4 Amps of charging power per port. This charging station utilizes a 60 watt power supply and 10 USB A-type female ports to connect with your devices.



The 10 port USB charger station provides multiple safety functions for protecting the devices you connect to it. Some of these functions include: over current protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, and over temperature protection. This device is a USB charging station only and does not transmit data between devices connected to it.

10 Port USB Charger Station - 60 Watt AC


Our power Fast 10 Port USB Charger is controlled by a logic enable input and driven by an internal charge pump circuit. When the output load exceeds the current-limit threshold or a short is present, the uP7534 asserts over current protection and limits the output current to a safe level by driving the power switch into saturation mode.


10 Port USB Charger Station - 60 Watt AC Charge your Smart phone or Tablet PCsKey Features:

  • Ultra Compact portable Design
  • Built-In Power Adapter
  • Compliant to USB Specifications
  • High Side MOSFET Switch
  • Over Current/ Short Circuit Protection
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • Slow Turn On and Fast Turn Off


  • Input: AC 100-240V 1.3A 50/60Hz
  • Output: DC 5V 1A x 10 or DC 5V 2.4A x 5   60 watts
  • Charge 10 devices at the same time
  • Dimensions: Length: 153mm Width: 106.6mm Height: 30mm ( 6″ x 4″ x 1.2″)
  • Net Weight: 11 ounces (0.7 pound)

Compatible charging but not limited for all iPad models, all iPhone models 5/s, 4/s, 3, iPod, Smart phone(Galaxy, Nexus, Droid, HTC ONE, GALAXY NOTE) digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets, GPS (global positioning system), Hero Camera and other USB charger function devices.

We’ve written a brief blog post about small office USB device demands and high tech solutions for these types of products.


Please note: This product is strictly for charging devices, it does not have data transfer capabilities and therefore is not platform dependent.


Package Contents:

  • 10 Port USB Charging Station
  • Built-In Power Adapter
  • 5ft Bright White Power Cable
  • User Manual



Press Release: GearMo® Making Changes with USB Charging

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 5 × 2.25 in






Item Dimensions

Length: 153mm Width: 106.6mm Height: 30mm

Supported OS

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1 year from date of purchase.

3 reviews for 10 Port USB Charging Station for Smart Phones/Tablet PCs

  1. Elisabeth Mooney (verified owner)

    I am techno-ignorant. But I have a lot of devices that charge using a cable with a USB port. In the past I bought adapters with two USB ports to plug into powerstrips to support all my devices.

    I bought two 10 port Power Stations; one for the bedroom and one for the living room. Now I can charge all my devices in either room and do not have to struggle with a powerstrip holding multiple adapters.

    I’m thinking about buying one more for travel – it is that lightweight and compact.

  2. Zachary S.

    The Gearmo 10 USB port 60 watt/12 amp wall charger is a powerful and can charge up to 10 smartphones or 5 tablets at once!

    -10 USB ports
    -Physical switch that lets you choose from 1 amp or 2.4 amp output
    -If the switch is on the 1 amp spot, all 10 USB ports have a 1 amp output to charge 10 smartphones
    -If the switch is on the 2.4 amp spot, the bottom 5 USB ports (labeled 6-10) have a 2.4 amp output to charge 5 tablets (the top row of USB ports are turned off)
    -Uses a power cable the lets you place it anywhere for your convenience, like on a desk
    -4 rubbery feet stop the wall charger from sliding easily
    -Does not attract fingerprints or show any
    -LED lights easily lets you know which setting is on (1 amp or 2.4 amps)
    -Very useful to make 1 outlet in 10 USB ports to charge 10 smartphones or 5 tablets
    -Good accessory for a generator so you can keep many devices at once charged and keep them charging all at once
    -ETL listed!

    -The top row of USB ports is turned off if the 2.4 amp setting is on (this is a con because if you only want to charge 3 tablets and have 4 smartphones that you also want to charge, 2 smartphones cannot be charged because only 5 device can be charging at once)
    -LED lights are bright

    Overall this is a great wall charge and it is very powerful. I definitely recommend it. This is the highest amount of USB ports in a wall charger I have at the time of this review.

  3. Robert B

    No more store bought wall chargers for my IPad 3rd generation, Smart Phones, or Kindle Fire’s! Store bought chargers don’t have enough USB ports or stamina to charge all devices that a family of 5 has all the time.

    First Visual Observations:

    This USB home charging station has 10 ports located on the top of the device. (5 ports with a 1A charging current and 5 ports with a 2.1A charging current) The port current (amperage) for each level is controlled by a MOSFET switch on the front edge. It has corresponding LED indicators according to which current is being used with a printed current flow leading to the USB ports. The feet have no slip rubber pads it looks simple to use and it is.

    What’s in the package:

    + 60 Watt 10-Port USB Charging Station
    + Build-In Power Adapter
    + Power Cord

    USB 10-Port Charging Station Operation:

    The iCS-10P-W 60 watt 10-Port Charging Station is simple to use and its power adapter is built into the device, just needs the power cord attached. Once the charging station is plugged in and has power it’s just a matter of which type of USB chargeable device needs charging. The devices I chose to charge were (my children’s) 2 Kindle Fire HDX 7in tablets, 1 IPad 3rd generation, and 1 Nokia Lumia 710 cellular phone.

    The Kindles and IPad 3 instantly started charging once their USB cables were connected. The IPad 3’s stock charger is a 5.1V / 2.1A, if you have ever charged your IPad 3 from the USB port of your PC; you may have noticed it charges a little slower than its stock wall charger. This is because the USB voltage in your PC is 5V but the current is only 0.5 Amps, charging at ¼ the amps needed isn’t acceptable and causes longer charge times, this made the iCS-10P-W charging station an ideal match for charging the IPad. The Kindles only require a 1 to 1.8A charging current but again charging from a PC slows the charge tremendously.

    The Kindle Fire HDX 7in tablets were nearly depleted, as with the IPad 3,they started charging immediately and charged in approximately 4.5hrs, all three devices were charging off of the 2.1A setting with no heat or current problems. I had also connected my Nokia Lumia 710 cell phone to the charging station’s 1A USB Port, the Lumia 710 charges at 1A and as high as 1.8A and as expected started to charge once connected into the 1A port and the MOSFET switch selection made.


    + More USB port capacity than a wall adapter
    + Current (amperage) was steady, did not see any flickering or fading power
    + Compact enough to charge 5 devices in a central area
    + Two charging current settings 1A / 2.1A, 5 ports each w/overcurrent protection
    + Easy operation
    + Corresponding LED illumination when current is switched
    + No slip rubber feet


    I honestly did not find any faults with the way the 10-port charging station operated. It was a plug in and start charging type of operation making sure of the MOSFET selection first.

    Final Comments:

    I chose a 5 star rating because in my opinion, this is a nice piece of equipment to have when you have more than two to three mobile devices that charge through a USB cable/port, when you have 3 children who break their wall charges, this works well. It certainly doesn’t limit you to using one USB port from the wall outlet or adapter. Although this is a home USB charging station, I could see this being used in a department store environment or as the Apple Store already does, use multiple IPads or other mobile USB devices that depend on USB port charging.

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