USB 2.0 Driverless Windows Data Transfer Cable

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  • Transfer Files and Data from one PC directly to another PC
  • Supports Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11
  • USB 2.0 transfer rates up to 480Mbps (25-30MB/sec)
  • No drivers necessary, device installs and uninstalls itself
  • Utilizes OTi OTi002108-G Chip, 6 foot cable length


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The USB 2.0 Driverless Data Transfer Cable (GM-PCLINK) allows quick and easy transferring of files from one Windows computer to another. The GM-PCLINK Driverless Data Transfer Cable features an easy split-screen drag and drop explorer window to show visually what is being transferred and its new location.

Split screen display shows Remote and Host locations:

Windows GM-PC-Link DataCable Full

The GM-PCLINK displays both the Host and Remote computer while you are transferring files from one PC to another, a built-In ferrite ring reduces interference for super fast transfers and ease of operation. The High Speed transfer rate of 480Mbps is achieved using USB 2.0 compliance and is backward compatible with USB 1.1 at 12Mpbs depending on system load.

The new OTi Chip inside this USB 2.0 Data Transfer Link Cable is EasySuite Software that is burned into the chip so there is no driver installation required and no configuration!

The GM-PCLINK USB 2.0 Data Transfer Cable represents the easiest, most economical, and reusable way of transferring your Data from one PC source to another without the hassle of copying to and from disc.

Features & Specifications:

  • Direct cable link between two PCs via the USB port / Plug and Play with hot plug
  • Over current protection
  • 6 foot cable length
  • USB 2.0 transfer rates up to 480 Mbps (backwards compatible with USB 1.1 rates of up to 12 Mbps)
  • Share files and transfer data conveniently
  • Bus powered (No external power source needed)
  • Driverless design

OS Support:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Package Contents:

  • Driverless USB 2.0 Windows Data Transfer Cable GM-PCLINK
  • PCLINK User Manual (available for download) 

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5.5 × .5 in


Cable Length


USB 2.0

Supported OS

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1 year from date of purchase.

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30 reviews for USB 2.0 Driverless Windows Data Transfer Cable

  1. Tom Wood


  2. Creative E

    Easy data transfer
    Just plug in and the software loads. Easy to follow instructions for transferring data. Large blocks of data transfer quickly. Perfect for moving data to a new computer.

  3. James Sutton

    Easy to use. Much better than using a flash drive.

  4. ZeeKid

    Works but I can’t transfer large files
    Install was no problem. Moving small files is super but when moving 6 gig or larger folders, I get a "not enough space on drive" and it stops. Moving between 2 Win 10 machines. So I just have to move 5gig or less to get the job done. I would still buy again. Anyone have a clue?

  5. Etta Schillinger

    A good data transfer cable but, not for when you get a new laptop
    The Gearmo allows you to transfer data between computers but, only file by file. I was looking for one like I used to have where it would transfer all the programs AND data to your new computer. This is not that but, was easy to use for the files I was able to transfer.

  6. R. Brooks

    Worked as described on both Win 7 to Win 7 and Win 7 to XP.
    This USB 2.0 model worked perfectly to transfer files between two Windows 7 computers (desktop & laptop) and between a Windows 7 desktop and an XP desktop. It opened up large easy-to-read windows on the top and bottom of the displays. NOTE that this cable is only for file transfers and does not offer KVM switching functionality.I’ve reviewed other transfer cables that did not work or install or opened hard-to-read tiny split windows (Wormhole Switch). My reviews included Gearmo 3.0; Pluggable 3.0; J5 Create 3.0 Wormhole switch.

  7. Denise Hilbert

    Easy to use
    it’s easy to use

  8. Cheryl graham


  9. Jeff & Jody Davison

    Easy to use
    The cable is easy to use, each computer will instantly launch the app to transfer softward.

  10. Serenemarine

    Data transfer made easy.
    Ready to use. Easy to use. No problems getting my data transferred from WinVista and W10 laptop to my new PC. Preforms exactly as advertised, comes preloaded with all you need. Highly recommend this cable, even if you don’t have a need for it right away. Large files no problem.Excellent value.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Very Handy for any Old Windows PC/Laptops Transfers & Backups via USB (No Internet)
    I had always been curious to if a cable like this existed and of course upon searching Amazon I found this one and went with it because of the reviews. I am very glad I grabbed one as my WiFi Upload from my laptop is just pitiful and sometimes I simply want to just transfer files quickly from the old laptop to my newer PC.My Wireless Upload speeds are just pitiful on the laptop for whatever reason, other devices are just fine.. it’s an old laptop, it’s served it’s purpose and now I keep it around for backing up and other things.This cable worked 100% Immediately after plugging it into both my Laptop & PC via respective USB ports. The little program that comes with the cable works flawlessly and allows you to quickly navigate which directories/folders on the desired PC you would like to transfer and exactly to where… This cable is a great pickup for anyone who’s wireless options may be limited, or someone that simply wants the SIMPLE ease of plugging one PC into another and transferring files… Very impressed, just hope it works for awhile!

  12. Arthur Hotchkiss

    A good buy for 2.0 USB data cable
    This item met all of my expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to others.

  13. Andrew Condon

    Good purchase
    Easy to use . Did everything I bought it for .

  14. John Bachmann

    Gearmo Driverless USB 2.0 Data Transfer Cable
    For once in my life I think I made a good decision I have 3 computers and I do different work in each computer. I use the cable to transfer the data between the different computers . The cable provides a fast and reliable way of maintaining the data on all 3 computers. I would highly recommend this cable.

  15. The good one

    Connect two computers to move files
    I wish I had this device sooner. I no longer need to move files from one computer to another using a USB thumb drive, external hard drive, disc, etc. This just plugs into a USB port of one computer and into another. From there the software onboard the device will show up on your computer–double click it, and you’ll see a split screen of files from both your computers. Drag and drop, from one to the other. It’s pretty straight forward.

  16. Amazing customer

    Worked as advertised
    Simple to use, worked as advertised to move several big files from a windows 7 HP machine to one running Windows 10. No need to install any software. Interface was easy to use

  17. charlie

    simple,basic file transfer – follow instrux..
    xfers pix/music files easily.. you can Not run a real time 2nd system with this cable but i called vendor (they were great) and clarified operations..

  18. Teresa Long

    Worked like a charm
    I was able to easily transfer all my documents, picture and music from my old laptop to a new one. Both laptops were using Windows 10. This was a lot cheaper than having someone else do it & no painfully slow cloud transfers. This was truly plug and play.

  19. Robert J Havens

    Self loading software. Easy to use.
    Plugged in to two PCs and with one mouse click each I was ready to go.

  20. Frank C. Hughes

    Not as fast as some sources but worked for me.

  21. Edna W. Ayers

    Pick a quality product to begin with.
    Met & exceed all my needs.

  22. J. Rhyner

    Wonderful product. I was so surprised how fast it transferred my files from an old HP mini tower running XP to my HP laptop running 8.1 and then to two of my Thinkpads running MS 7 Pro. I also transferred all my files, not including the just referenced files, to the Thinkpads as I hate the 8.1 but am holding off from throwing it away to see if 10 is worth downloading. Until the transfer cable will make sure everything is duplicated to the Thinkpads.

  23. Jason De Freitas

    I’ve had this product for about five years and it still works like a charm every time I purchase a new computer and have to transfer my files. In five years I have used it six times.

  24. Victor Hugo

    This data transfer cable works very well between two Windows 7 computers. I had an old Toshiba laptop, purchased several years ago, that was on its last leg, so to speak, but it had a lot of pictures, multiple favorites and websites that I wanted to transfer to a newer computer also running Windows 7. After plugging it into the USB ports of the old and the new laptops a new window opened automatically showing the contents of both hard drives on a split screen. It took me a few minutes to find the exact data I wanted to transfer from the old to the new and a few more minutes to figure out the right way to move that specific data to the correct spot on the new laptop. I didn’t want to move blindly large files from one to the other but I focused on very specific files that I had to dig out from the old hard drive and to move in the same spot onto the new one. After approximately 30 to 45 minutes all the necessary data was added to the new computer and the old Toshiba was unceremoniously retired from use. Good cable to have around if you want to move important files between computers.

  25. C. Hallowell

    The built-in software of the Windows 7 “Driverless” Data Transfer Cable makes transferring files from one computer to another an almost pleasurable task !!!
    I’ve used other file transfer cables before, and the software that comes with those other cables is often confusing and/or doesn’t work at all !!
    The Windows 7 “Driverless” file transfer system makes those other methods obsolete !!
    Oh yeah — it works with Windows Vista and Win XP, too !!
    It even has a ceramic ferrite doohickey on the cable to reduce interference during file transfers — a nice touch !!
    I’m an old geezer and I’d bet the ranch that even a cave-dweller could become an instant geek by using this terrific gizmo !!
    Well, not quite — but you get the drift, right !??
    Get one — it’s cheap, easy to use, and saves a lot of monkeyin’ around !!
    My cable arrived promptly and in perfect condition.

  26. D. Riddle

    I found this data transfer cable to be fairly simple and convenient. I used it when transferring a lot of files from an old computer to a new one. Normally, I back up all of my stuff with Carbonite but it takes forever to move old files to a new computer…even if you have high speed internet. This cable is very much worth the price.

  27. Natty Bumpo

    I was very satisfied with how fast and easy it was to transfer all my files, over 500GB, from my old computer to my new one using this product. With both Windows 7 computers up and running, I connected one end of the cable to my old computer. A screen came up on the monitor displaying all the directories, subdirectories and files just like it is displayed in Windows Explorer. Then I connected the other end of the cable to my new computer and a similar windows explorer type screen came up on the new computer’s screen. The top part of the screen showed the files of the old computer (remote) and the bottom part of the screen showed the directories and files of the new computer (host). Don’t get hung up on those words “remote” and “host” because they are relative. Working now ONLY with the new computer and its monitor, I highlighted the files and directories I wanted copied from the old machine to the new and the process began. It was the same type process as copying or moving a directory or file using Windows Explorer to an external hard drive. I was able to copy all the files and directories that I wanted from my old computer to the new one in a very short time, therefor I highly recommend this product. It made the move fast & easy.

  28. Mariel Jones

    I have tried other USB transfer devices and software packages over the years including recently and never got any of them to work reliably at high speed so was skeptical upon reading other positive reviews on this device. Reviews on other devices that use the same chip were also positive so I bought this one as it was at a good price.

    Summary of experience:

    The unit was shipped quickly and arrived in good condition, nothing special about that.

    After glancing over the brief manual, I plugged one USB male connector into my laptop , the other into a 8 foot USB extension cable, and it into a USB port on a desktop located in the adjoining room.

    A window popped up on the desktop as per the manual asking for permission to run the Superlink.exe software. >click> and the program loaded up quickly to display a Windows explorer like interface.

    A window did not pop up on the laptop… the manual advised clicking Start>My Computer> Superlink Drive.
    That worked and the superlink explorer window opened showing ‘Connected Computer’ and ‘This Computer’ panels.

    The icons at the top showed the connection was at USB 2.0 speed level. Dimmed buttons showed USB 1.0 which obviously would show up if so connected.

    To test devise, I selected a 3.56 GB iso image file to test sustained bandwidth. USB 2.0 is spec’d at 480 Mbps but I figured the connection would be much slower due to overhead, etc. The file transferred in 4 minutes and 24 seconds which is as close to the full USB 2.0 spec as anyone could expect.

    Conclusion: while I can’t report on long term reliability, others have reported no problems in that regard. I can highly recommend the device.. its much faster than 100 Mbps Ethernet and about half as fast as 1 GB but is far easier to work with, travel.

    A caveat: this device presents a security risk for enterprise and government organizations. They may want to set up security so attached devices require a password to install or run drivers and embedded applications. Its just too easy for anyone to connect a laptop or two computers and transfer files.

  29. Arboleda Crisostomo “Pia Arboleda”

    Whenever I copied or moved huge files from one of our computers to another, I had to use an intermediate storage media (external drive, flash drive etc.). I found this cable that promised direct data transfers between USB ports. I connected this cable between my Dell laptop running on Vista and my Acer Netbook on Windows XP. The built in file browser software popped up on both machines and I was able to transfer files between the units easily.

    I purchased a usb extension cable in case I need to cover a greater distance between machines.

    Update 03/10/2011 : I’m having problems using this with my Vista 64 desktop. I’ve tried it with XP, Vista 32 and Windows 7 without problems. I also noticed that the item pictured in this latest product page is not the same as the one I bought, so perhaps it’s an update and hopefully will solve the Vista 64 problem.

  30. SlikLizrd

    The built-in software of the Windows 7 “Driverless” Data Transfer Cable makes transferring files from one computer to another an almost pleasurable task !!!
    I’ve used other file transfer cables before, and the software that comes with those other cables is often confusing and/or doesn’t work at all !!
    The Windows 7 “Driverless” file transfer system makes those other methods obsolete !!
    Oh yeah — it works with Windows Vista and Win XP, too !!
    It even has a ceramic ferrite doohickey on the cable to reduce interference during file transfers — a nice touch !!
    I’m an old geezer and I’d bet the ranch that even a cave-dweller could become an instant geek by using this terrific gizmo !!
    Well, not quite — but you get the drift, right !??
    Get one — it’s cheap, easy to use, and saves a lot of monkeyin’ around !!
    My cable arrived promptly and in perfect condition

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