USB 3.1 Type-C to C Passive E-Marker Cable VL150 Chip 5Gbps 60W


USB-C Power Delivery with eMarker, Charge and supply power to mobile devices, laptops and notebooks that require 60W or more power to function. This USB-C to C cable can be used with wall, car, or other USB-C port device supplying initial power.

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3ft. USB-C eMarker USB 3.1 Cable

This USB-C to C cable is a 3ft. eMarker cable that uses a VL150 chip and supports power delivery of 60W to USB-C devices. It is a passive cable, its power delivery functions can charge and power USB-C devices such as laptops, notebooks and other mobile products that use Type-C USB connections and require 60W or more power to function.

The cable contains a VL150 chip that complies with the latest USB Type-C and power delivery standards.


  • Supports super high Speed USB 3.1
  • Cable supports 5Gbps, 20V 3A, 60W
  • 3ft. long cable length
  • Uses VL150 electronic marker chip
  • Passive cable, does not need additional power added to it
  • Supports 60W power delivery to laptop or notebook computers and other USB-C devices

Cable Specification

  • (30AWG 1P+D+AL+MY) 4C+30AWG 1P+30AWG 4C+22AWG 2C+F+AB
  • Cable OD: 4.6 +-0.2mm
  • Color: Black


  • Supplies 20V, 3A 60W of power for charging and powering your new ChromeBook Pixel, MacBook, or other USB Type-C devices. Wall, Car, or portable chargers can be used with this cable.

Additional information

Weight 0.081 lbs
Dimensions 8.500 × 7.500 × .500 in
Cable Length