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GearMo Making Changes with USB Charging

GearMo Making Changes with USB Charging

  GearMo® Making Changes with USB Charging Since 2009, GearMo® has been a pioneering factor in Linux, Mac, and Windows computer USB peripherals. The company is changing the way that electronics are used with on the fly solutions that expand outside the box....

USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter FTDI Chip with LED

From its first introduction in the early 1960’s, the RS-232 protocol originally had been used for data signal transfer to such instruments as teletypewriters which were Data Terminals for binary communication. Now, we have integrated newer USB 3.0 standards technology...

Portable Foldable USB Charger

Gearmo is proudly to announce a portable USB Charging Station, you no longer have to carry all your Power adapters for all your devices!  

USB3.0 Hubs Onyx Series 4, 7 and 10 Port

The Onyx Desktop series USB 3.0 Hubs easily expand your Desktop or Laptop USB3.0 device support beyond built-in port availability. Easily provides connectivity to 4 or more USB 3.0 ports at any one time. The Onyx USB 3.0 series Hub is available in 4, 7, or 10 port...