Fast USB 2.0 Infrared Adapter up to 4Mbps

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Product reached END OF LIFE August 2016. It is no longer available for sale. There is no alternate or replacement.

The Fast USB 2.0 Infrared Adapter allows a high speed connection of up to 4Mbps between two IrDA compatible devices, which may include your laptop or desktop computer. Handheld compatible devices such as mp3 players, cameras and mobile devices can also be used with the USB 2.0 Infrared Adapter. Using the IRJOY Wireless Adapter will enable the use of infrared on any PC since it utilizes a plug-n-play program function. The USB 2.0 Infrared Adapter offers a very simple and convenient point-and-shoot mechanism that will be very appealing to users who desire wireless technology.

This small USB adapter will change any USB port in to a fully functional infrared port and there are a few advantages that the Fast IrDA (FIR) system provides. It can offer a minimal amount of energy usage, which will keep wireless owners very happy. It also features backwards compatibility with both MIR and SIR infrared devices. It also offers data transfer speeds up to 4 Mbps to offer basic printing, scanning and internet connections quickly and easily. The FIR- IrDA system offers a strong connection between the infrared device and a computer.

The package contains (see picture below):

  • A USB 2.0 infrared adapter
  • Driver disc and manual (also available for download)
  • 3 foot long USB extension cable

Technical specs & other features:

  • Support For Any Standard PC USB Port
  • Plug-and-Play function makes device easy to use
  • Can be adjusted for different angles, directions and heights Cable makes it easy to use with notebooks
  • Power saving modes (Including On, Stand-by and Suspend) Compliant with USB versions v1.1 and v2.0
  • Compliant with IrDA versions v1.0 and 1.1
  • This device is fully FCC approved


Operating Systems Supported:

Product Specifications:

  • Product Name: USB 2.0 Infrared Adapter
  • Product Model: IRJOY
  • Material: Plastic

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × .5 in





USB 2.0 to Infrared

Supported OS

, , , ,




1 year from date of purchase.

Drivers & Manuals

14 reviews for Fast USB 2.0 Infrared Adapter up to 4Mbps

  1. Patrick Kessler (verified owner)

    Now it works on Win 10!

  2. Robert Singler

    Fast installation. Easy setup. Great speed.
    Didn’t use it for awhile, forgot and “upgraded” to Win 10. Infrared no longer works.
    No driver after months of waiting from Microsoft.
    If you have a Win 10 computer, no point in purchasing this yet. If/when we get a driver, this is a great device.

  3. M

    Windows 10 Previews 10882 is the latest W10 fast labe first edition that works with the Polar Trainer software V5.0 and this adapter (with my SX625). Wait for the final W10 release coming to your PC !! Trust me. Tested all W10 preview edition and they don’t work, this W10 release does.

  4. Jehad Abukhalid

    Bought it for my Galileo Luna Dive Computer. Worked ok with windows 8 but since i have had windows 10 cant tranmit my dives.

  5. Joao Coimbra

    I bought it to use with my dive computer. Worked perfect in my Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 machines. Now I am waiting for Windows 10 compatibility to use in my new PC.

  6. Gilles Vaillancourt

    I purchased this IR adapter to synchronize my SubGear XP10 dive computer with my laptop. Wow ! Talking about speed trasnfer !!!
    Waiting for the Windows 10 driver : don’t upgrade to Windows 10 unless you get a new driver for this IP adapter !!!

  7. John

    I bought this a few years back from Amazon to synchronize the data on my Polar Heart Rate Monitor. It has worked much better than my old adapter, and I have it working on my Windows 8.1 computer as well.

    I did check my driver though and it was from ASIX Electronics Corporation, driver dated 1 July 2013. That is not the driver found on this website.

  8. Shawn

    I went to Fry’s and bought a cheap Infrared adapter but the latest drivers for it was 2006. So I bought this one and it worked in seconds, is very fast, and I have had no problems with it at all. I would definitely recommend this one.

  9. Flying Fool “I’d rather be flying…”

    Running Windows 7 Pro (64bit) on Dell XPS-8300, this IR Adapter installed easily and runs like a dream – no issues at all. I’ve used it to transfer files and programs between the desktop PC and several different portable devices – all without a hitch. It has good range and a relatively wide angle of coverage. I don’t think you can beat it for the price.

  10. Capt. Eddie

    Works great! I use it to connect my Galileo Luna dive computer to my laptop. Transfers data super fast and setup is very easy.

  11. Handsome Gus

    I have an old Palm Tungston E2. It would not connect to my PC to download in my new Windows 7. I discovered I could also use IR. My original IR worked very slowly, but it did the job. The original one broke and I purchased this unit. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Speedy and starts up immediately.

    I recommed it, it’s great.

  12. Steve Jarocki Jr.

    I upgraded my computer which operates on Windows 7 my Uwatech IR reader was not compatable with the new software. Instead of purchasing another Uwatech Reader I purchased this reader, it works well and saved me money

  13. Venture

    Bought this to be able to communicate with my Dive Computer – it has worked flawlessly! It installed in just a couple of minutes and has been very reliable

  14. cookiemom

    Bought this to download dive info from my Uwatec Aladdin dive computer to my Windows 7 PC. Easy installation – didn’t even need to run the CD that came with it. Love the USB cord, makes for easy alginment of the infrared with my dive computer. Price was significantly less than the manufacturer’s infrared adaptor.

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