USB to RS232 Serial Adapter 3ft. Cable

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The GM-FTDI-36 is a 3ft. long USB to RS-232 serial adapter that is compatible with most GPS or PDA. Use your office equipment like modems, scanners, and printers that make use of serial communication. No hassles with installation!


  • Compatible with most GPS and PDA devices
  • 36 inch RS-232 cable connection
  • USB Bus Powered
  • Supported by FT232RQ FTDI Chip Inside
  • Supports Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, Linux, OSX

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USB to RS232 standard 36 inch serial adapter unit is compatible with most GPS and PDA devices including Garmin and Palm. Office equipment compatibility includes modems, printers, scanners, digital cameras and other USB office equipment. The USB Plug and Play feature allows easy installation of the USB to RS232 serial adapter and requires no IRQ, DMA, or I/O port resources. With no IRQ, DMA, or I/O requirements, more devices can be attached to your system without the hassles of device and resource conflicts. The device is immediately recognized by your system; simply connect the adapter to your target device. This serial adapter is supported by Windows 11!

Package Contents:

  • USB to RS232 36 inch Serial Adapter Cable
  • Latest FTDI Drivers (also available as download)
  • GM-FTDI-36 Product manual (available as download)

Features & Specifications:

  • Single Port Serial to USB Adapters
  • 36 Inch (1 Meter) Cable
  • Power Obtained from USB Cable – No External Power Required
  • High Speed UART with 128 byte TX FIFO and 384 byte RX
  • The device is immediately recognized by the system
  • Non-USB peripherals can have the same connection, keeping it simple
  • Provides TX/RX and GND via the FTDI Chip
  • FT232RQ FTDI Chip Inside

OS Support:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows 11
  • Linux
  • Mac OS 10.X

Product Specifications:

  • Product Name: USB to RS232 converter
  • Product Model: GM-FTDI-36
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black

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Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × .75 in




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USB to RS232

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1 year from date of purchase.

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7 reviews for USB to RS232 Serial Adapter 3ft. Cable

  1. Mike

    Used this adapter cable to connect Kenwood TS-590S to my Mac. With latest OS 11.4, it worked immediately with no driver installation required. Don’t forget to buy the F-F gender changer for the male DB-9 on the radio.

  2. Michael

    Works great with my ham radio rig control software. Easy installation to Windows 7.

  3. V. Bradley

    Works Great with Mac, but check your serial socket gender before ordering. Works GREAT with my Macbook Pro with OSX Yosemite. The trick is the FTDI chip inside the cable. Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD and install the Mac driver, or you’ll think it doesn’t work. NOTE: This product (and most like it) has the wrong gender if you’re trying to control a Radio or Ham Transciever. Notice most people who buy this also buy the “mini DB9 Female to Female Gender changer? Dummy me… I DIDN’t notice and had to make a special run to pick one up locally! The two are sold together if you look at the bottom of the screen. Must be a popular combo for some reason… ;o)

  4. Matthew J. Ghali

    These are light years easier to deal with than the typical (fake) Prolific chipset units. This particular one is especially nice. There’s no clunky box at all- the guts are hiding in the USB plug. So it looks like a straight USB to 9-pin D.

    FTDI chip support pops up like magic in every Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux I’ve had a chance to use with it.

    Thank god there’s an alternative to the terrible Prolifics. Their drivers are awful and apparently most of the chips on the market now are cheap semi-functional counterfeits. I can’t remember the last time it wasn’t a huge hassle getting a PL2303 to work right.

    If you’re using one of these, you’re likely sitting on the floor of a colo somewhere desperately trying to fix something important. Do you have time to screw around with your adapter first? I don’t.

  5. Benjamin Combee

    FTDI is the way to go. In a sea of bad Prolific clone USB-to-serial cables, the FTDI solution stands out for its stability. It’s been working flawlessly in my embedded development projects with no driver problems across Windows 7, Windows 8, and Linux.

  6. James McBeth

    I manage a small network lab at home for Cisco training and the GearMo device has been a life saver. I would recommend this product to anyone in need of RS232 to USB and true multi-os support.

  7. Kenneth A. Gilbert

    I needed a general purpose db9 serial to USB cable that had the FTDI chipset for best compatibility.

    My current use is for hooking laptops into turboxs utec piggyback ECU on a subaru impreza wrx. all serial operations function perfectly.

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