Gearmo USB Type C Power Delivery Tester with OLED Display (Black)


Type-C Power Meter with Power Delivery

This USB Type-C Power Meter/Tester serves as a great compact tool to measuring current, voltage, and power input to your Type-C enabled devices. Works with USB-C cell phones, game consoles, and laptops to both deliver power and measure its variables.

  • Great for tech bench testing on USB Type-C products
  • Quick and Easy Monitoring of USB Type-C PD Power delivery, Will not affect Data Transferred
  • Bright, clear and crisp LED display
  • Measures Voltage of your Type-C port’s power source from DC 4V to 20V and current from 50mA to 9.99A
  • Works on New MacBook Pro’s, MacBook, and USB Chargers

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The Gearmo GM-TCPM-OLED Power meter is super portable and great tool for measuring voltage and amperage on the tech bench. The Type-C Power Meter is very easy to use. Just plug the male end into the device and your power input to the female end. Great for New USB Type C Power Hungry devices. Data transmission is not affected by this device and uses USB 3.1 Gen1 specifications at 5Gbps speeds.

Type-C Power Meter Features

  • Crisp OLED Display: Easy to Read your Results
  • Quick and Easy Monitoring of USB Type-C PD Power delivery, Will not affect Data Transferred
  • Supports USB 3.1 Gen1 specifications at up to 5Gbps speeds
  • Measures Current being inputted to your Type-C port in Amps
  • Measures Voltage of your Type-C port’s power source in Volts
  • Measure the power input to your device over time (in mAh)
  • Type-C Power Meter Dimensions: 55.75 x 8.5 x 20.66mm

USB Type-C Power Meter Diagram

How to Use

  • Select the device you want to monitor.
  • Connect the Type-C power meter to the device, orientation does not matter.
  • If using power delivery, it will allow the power to pass through to the device giving you a reading of all variables.
  • Start monitoring voltage, current, and the direction the power is coming from.

Nintendo Switch USB C power Delivery Meter

Works With

  • Mac Book
  • Mac Book Pro
  • Goolge Chrome Book
  • Asus Transformer Book 3
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Any Laptop with Type C Port

Additional information

Weight 0.043 lbs
Dimensions 3.500 × 3.562 × .625 in



Type-C Male





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