USB 2.0 RS-232 Serial Adapter with LED Indicators

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This 3 ft. USB to Serial adapter is a tool of choice when supporting serial peripherals in newer computers without serial support. Now supported by Windows 11, this is an ideal solution for device support.


  • LED activity monitoring
  • Full support of RS-232 signals
  • USB bus powered
  • 3ft. cable connection
  • Supports Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, Linux, OSX

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This USB 2.0 RS-232 Serial Adapter is the easiest way to add a serial port to your computer. Newer computers today are unequipped to support peripherals requiring a serial RS-232 connection because they lack serial ports; this affects PDA, digital camera, and GPS type equipment that may be used on your system. This adapter also allows you to add a serial port and monitor the status of your connections by using LED activity flashes. When connection activity is present, the LED’s will flash letting you know you have signal on the pins.

The GM-FTDI-LED offers an advanced an FTDI Chipset supported by Windows 11, USB 2.0 RS-232 connection with double color LED Display of Full Signal Power. The device is powered individually by the USB 2.0 port. This device is easy to install, it features a Plug & Play Easy test RS-232 Host to Device link and is backwards compatible with USB Spec 1.1.

Additional Features & Specifications:

Device Support:

  • PDA RS-232 Port support 56K Modem support Serial Mouse support+ Serial PC camera support
  • Fully compliant with USB Spec 2.0 Compliant USB Spec1.1
  • RS-232 – DB9 / M Data rate : Over 1000kbps
  • ESD Protection for RS-232 I/O’ +-15KV RS-232 for DTE Mode

We’ve written a blog post on Serial Driver Support including information on Windows Operating System life cycle.

Package Contents:

  • USB 2.0 RS232 Serial Adapter with LED’s
  • Latest FTDI Driver (available for download)
  • GM-FTDI-LED Product Manual (available for download)


LED Color:

  • 1~4, 6~9 PIN Signal 0 : Green / Signal 1 : RED GND – RED – POWER PS. DB9-F PIN / 1,2,6,8,9 NO Input LED no light
  • Easy test RS-232 Host to Device link

OS Support:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, & Windows 11
  • Linux, Mac OS 10.X


DB-9 Pin Assignment
Pin Data Type Input/Output LED Color
1 IN Data Carrier Detect (DCD) Green
2 IN Receive Data Receive (RXD) None
3 OUT Transmit Data (TXD) Green
4 OUT Data Terminal Ready (DTR) Green
5 GND Ground Wire Red
6 IN Data Set Ready (DSR) None
7 OUT Request Send (RTS) Green
8 IN Clear Send (CTS) None
9 IN Ringing Indicator (RI) None

Additional information

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × .75 in




Supported OS

, , , , ,

Cable Length




USB to RS232


1 year from date of purchase.

Tech Note

Download page contains a special note with regard to driver install.

Alt Part No


Chip Set

98 reviews for USB 2.0 RS-232 Serial Adapter with LED Indicators

  1. Syd

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent, Tried on multiple legacy switches and storage devices and worked flawlessly.
    Excellent, Tried on multiple legacy switches and storage devices and worked flawlessly. Windows 10 & 11 both worked plug n play. No driver needed.

  2. Ian Lay

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very prompt delivery
    Used to connect my PC to a device that only had a RS232 coms port.

  3. Pino Ciao

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    good to use
    the indicator is perfect for using

  4. Miles

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works on Dell G7
    I consoled my Dell G7 to a Juniper switch using this and it worked just fine. Had no issues with driver and/or compatibility.

  5. Charles Watkinson

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Upside down
    It works, but when you plug the DB9 end into anything oriented like normal, the light display is facing down. Good idea but poorly executed.

  6. JDS

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works just as it should
    Works just as it should. Drivers worked, indicator lights are very helpful.

  7. Harry Hightower

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to use, ready to go.

  8. physicsbooks

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I needed to have an adapter for a Windows 7 device to an ancient device AND IT WORKED WITH THIS ADAPTER. Nothing else has worked so far. I am indebted to this device. I will have a special slide dedicated to this adapter when I graduate from my PhD.

  9. JP

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    They work…
    Quality construction and pretty blinky LEDs that tell you when you’ve got your DB9 breakout wired up incorrectly. XD

  10. Julie in Austin

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Breakout box and cable all in one
    Serial communications are no long as common as they once were, but for those of us who work on serially-attached equipment, a good cable is a must. This adapter combines a full DB9 interface with LED indicators for each signal. In my work I’d have need to get out a scope or logic analyzer to determine which signals are present on which lines, but this adapter makes it readily obvious.

  11. Krzysztof Michalski

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    that device is working, what not always true for others
    simple, extra information and works

  12. Steve

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Use to communicate with fire panel
    I needed this to help program and diagnose a fire alarm panel. I initially wired my connector incorrectly and could not get any communication. Thanks to the lights on this adapter I was able to quickly diagnose my mistake and get my programming done. I had originally used a more expensive adapter from a local store but couldn’t get any communication and thought it was defective (which I later learned was my mistake). If you need a USB to serial, this is the only way to go!

  13. Gary Miller

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Work great!
    Using this device to convert RS-232 data from my Davis Weather Monitor II station to a mini Windows 11 PC. From the operational standpoint, can’t tell that it’s not a serial connection. The FTDI chipset is the one to go to. No issues. I may buy again for another future project.

  14. Divingout

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great
    I needed one for use on the job to connect my laptop to legacy serial devices. Upon arrival, I plugged this adapter into my laptop, went to device manager and picked a port. Running Win10 64 and no other or additional drivers needed to be loaded beyond what auto-installed when I plugged it in. Connected immediately to a device from 1997 and worked flawlessly. I’d buy again.

  15. C. Hettinger

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works perfectly with windows 10, drivers were part of windows
    Plugged in and immediately recognized be Windows 10. Works perfectly. I bought this one because if the indicator LEDs which allow you to see the signals and makes troubleshooting so much easier.

  16. Andrew Pierson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works like a charm
    Needed a new console cable after mine got left in a random data center. Best bang for your buck. Works for Linux and Windows 10&11.Good length, and works with any console cable (SonicWall, Cisco, Dell, etc…)

  17. Jon

    I was hesitant but I’m glad I got it

  18. Jay Hatfield

    Sturdy cable allows me to much easier retrieve logs from servers
    Works like a champ

  19. T. Leonard

    IMO FTDI works better than Prolific
    I bought this RS-232 adapter to replace a similar device that was based on the Prolific chip. The Prolific seems to be getting increasingly difficult to get working in Windows 10/11 OS. Not sure what’s changed but I grew tired enough of it that I decided to give this FTDI-based unit a try. I’m pleased to say that it works perfectly. I use it for programming a variety PLC devices (ATOS solenoid drivers, etc). Another great feature is the line activity lights that show whether or not signal is present on each individual conductor of the RS-232 connector. This, I have found quite useful in troubleshooting and simpler than software-based solutions.

  20. Josef Sokolovsky

    Just what I needed
    Bought this for shop so we can service Espar heaters that we install inside our semi trucks. Once it I have all I had to do was plug, confirm some settings and we were off the races the races. Great product, easy to use!

  21. Marvin Stasak

    Blinking diodes nice feature
    I like the blinking diodes that let me know the cable is working.

  22. Paul Boaz

    perfect for older PLC connections.
    Bought this for work. Its a great smart serial converter.

  23. Hambone Perkins

    Everything you need
    Unit arrived as described and early. The best part is that it contained a thoughtfully prepared software disc with documentation for installation and even modification of the included drivers for any system you may have including Linux and Mac. I was sufficiently impressed to write a review. I will definitely buy from these guys again.

  24. James H.

    status lights are a plus
    Just plug it in and it works. Using it with both Ubuntu and AlmaLinux for access to comm device console.

  25. Romano

    Saved the day
    One of our computers died and it had this serial device connected to it. The new computer did not come with any serial ports as expected. I purchased this device to convert the USB to RS232 and for our surprise it worked very well and we are back in business. It comes with a small CD disk with drivers for all operating systems you can think of like linux, android, mac, windows CE, and regular windows from XP to 10 64-bit.

  26. Larry Puza

    Works with my RTSYSTEMS programing software for my radios
    Works with all my laptops which no longer have DB9 COM PORTS. Use it to program software on my radios.

  27. K. Stone

    Great serial to USB
    If you have a need for a serial port this adapter works great! It even works on a Windows tablet I have connected to my weather station.

  28. Andrew Grygus

    Worked exactly as advertised.
    Delivered promptly, worked as expected.

  29. Zaud01

    This is in response to Raymond P Bilsky.
    You say your seasoned, I’ve been working with PC equipment since the late 80s. And I know 100% for sure they get it right. If you look at the back of a PC equipped with a Male DB9 RS232 Serial Port you WILL notice that they all have have the same threaded nuts that this thing has. They did NOT get it wrong, that is how a Male DB9 RS232 Serial Port is setup. the Female that plugs into this has the thumb screws that thread into the threaded nuts that it has. I’ve been doing IT work for over 30 years and that is the serial port standard. You probably have the wrong cord or something that uses a proprietary connection

  30. Dwayne Collingwood

    Serial to USB with visual indicators!
    Just like a generic Serial to USB, but much better with the LED status! It helped me diagnose a wiring issue with the serial port I was working with. Great value, great product. Seems solid and very reliable.

  31. Cheryl V. Needham

    Worked on my computer assisted Dobby.
    I needed to connect to my computer assisted Dobby for my AVL loom

  32. don ertley

    I’d give it 6 stars Came with driver SIMPLE to use!
    USB to Serial port Old cord went bad so if having problem get a new adapter as first correction

  33. David Gauthier (Chief Engineer)

    Worked just fine
    Work fine with windows 10 no problem

  34. wiltonlopez

    Very Good
    Easy to use

  35. P. R. Gustavson

    The lights are upside down!
    It seems to work fine, though I haven’t used it much yet. BUT, the lights that are supposed to show on the top, show on the bottom of the unit. The PCB has obviously been put into the case upside down by whoever/whatever put it together. A couple of other purchasers have mentioned the same thing.Sorry, it’s not the best photo, but you can see that the light is shining out the bottom. There’s no light on the top surface.

  36. Javier Sarmiento


  37. FJO

    RS232-USB adapter
    Isn’t compatible with as many things as my Kingspan one, but it is much cheaper. It works well for interfacing with the serial port on my supercharger boost controller.

  38. Brain Thought

    Great for ADTPro!
    I had used several cheaper USB to Serial/DB9 adapters to try and communicated with old Apple II hardware, using ADTPro, with little luck – and on a whim, thought I’d give this adapter a try, and it worked beautifully! If you’re trying to use ADTPro, save yourself time and frustration and spring a few extra dollars and get this adapter!

  39. gregbeaux

    Great for adding serial ASCII communication to a system.
    It works well for ASCII, but doesn’t like bit oriented serial protocols.

  40. Aeroadjuster

    It Works!
    Needed this device to set up my WinLink station, computer to TNC. Works great.

  41. hamster

    This Adapter Works While Others Did Not
    After trying unsuccessfully for hours to get a different RS232-to-USB adapter to work, I was able to install the Gearmo adapter and get it running in perhaps 10 minutes. It also came with its own driver DVD which was appreciated after so much trouble with the other adapter, wondering if indeed I had found the best driver.

  42. Jim R

    FTDI Chipset, 5V signaling (not 3.3) so works with everything
    This was my third attempt to find a serial converter for a project at work. The first worked fine for everything I connected it to – except the device I needed to connect, the second used counterfeit chips (Returned for full refund), and this was the third.Short version – If the Rx to the computer works, but the Tx from the computer doesn’t, you may need to get a 5V adapter (like this one). The RS-235 spec says up to 25V, so 5V is safe for anything. (3.3V is sometimes to low to be considered "high")

  43. Lester B. Veenstra

    Easy to use with the built in OS support of the FTDI chip.
    Easy to use with the built in OS support of the FTDI chip. The Status lights are handy to keep your direction straight

  44. Captain Electron

    Works extremely well.
    I have bought more than a dozen different USB-RS-232 adaptors, and this one is my favorite. Works every time on three different computers.

  45. Al

    works easy. needed it for old dos equipment.

  46. O

    Breathes life back into RS-232 devices!
    I can, once again, use many of my old electronics that require a serial port! Works well.

  47. Steve Miller

    Do not buy any other brand, Buy this one
    This unit has the ftdi chipset. We use theseFor industrial equipment and they work perfectly and reliability

  48. Erfan Reed

    Best USB to RS232 hands down
    I been looking for a good USB to RS232 for a while and played with a few options, this one hands down is the BEST.Having the LED indicators on the plug helps with troubleshooting and avoiding second guessing on what is going wrong.If you are a maker or work with old industrial connections this is a MUST to have tool in your toolset.

  49. James Jones

    It work just as good as shop $75.00 cable that shop has
    Can’t go wrong for the money !!!

  50. Guilherme C.

    Just what I needed.
    Easy to use.

  51. Greg Steeves

    Easy to Use with Windows 10
    This was plug and play with Windows 10 which is exactly what I was looking for. The status lights for each terminal are handy for debugging serial connections.

  52. Mark Watkins

    Excellence, sleek
    Great product!

  53. Amazon Customer

    Works great with Fadal 4020 Vertical milling center
    This is the only adapter I have found that works flawlessly with rs-232 communication. I use it to load CNC programs directly thru a rs-232 port on the machine. Other adapters I’ve tried for some reason I had to unplug from the USB port to send another program or it would lock up sending the next program. This one works every time. This is my second one, the first one I left at another job.

  54. Ken

    USB adapter
    I had problems with others adapters, not this one it works perfectly

  55. Andreas Stevens

    works as a link for Amiga to PC
    not much to say, its a usb to serial with ACT indication, i got mine as a way to interface my amiga with modern computer hardware, and it works. was able to get data back and forth.

  56. Vanessa

    Worked great to communicate with microsquirt on a ls swap.

  57. Dale Reid

    What is with Amazon ratings? Sheerness, Thickness for an electronic product
    This is crazy, no? Please clean up your rate features page!These USB to serial converters are excellent. They work with Win 10 and do the job day after day. I will reorder without hesitation when I need more. The whole line has been superb, doing just what they are supposed to without hiccough or excessive configuration.

  58. Jennifer Tyrrell

    Worked perfectly
    Windows 10 on my laptop: immediately identified device as a COM port with no additional drivers required. Immediately connected to my Parker SSD motor drive using their DSE Lite tool, no issues what so ever. This is the FTDI USB-RS232 adapter you need!

  59. Kindle Customer

    Use RS 232 interface with new technology.
    I bought this item in order to communicate with a older piece of electronic gear that has an RS 232 interface and no USB connecting ability. This solves the problem of using outmoded but still valuable gear and interface using this USB to RS 233 item.

  60. Erehwon

    Tricky to configure – worth the effort
    Very nice product. Downside, using Windows 7 I had to go to the web to get drivers. This was not obvious. I suspect a non computer geek may have troubles configuring this to work.Also can with CD so if you don’t have an optical drive then you will have to download.Once configured works like a champ and I can once again connect to my Bernina Artista 180.


    Works, but quality can be better

  62. Amazon Customer

    Gearmo USB to Serial adapter works very well!
    It didn’t come with installation instructions. I had to have a friend install it for me.

  63. Amazon Customer

    Works great
    Worked when other models did not.

  64. Amazon Customer

    Worked perfectly and saved my business ton of money
    I own a veterinary practice and we have a digital radiology unit that has two monitors one of which is a touchscreen that is used to set the parameters for radiographs. The com port that the monitor was attached to stopped functioning, so by using this cable serial adapter we were able to transfer the monitor connection and function to a usb port. To repair/replace the card with a new com port on our special computer was estimated to be in the neighborhood of 800 to 1,000 dollars. Less than 30 dollars was a real bargain. Converting over to this cable connection was quick and easy.

  65. jon

    Gearmo USB RS-232 Serial Adapter w/ LED Indicators Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000
    Not really sure if this product has met our needs yet as the person who was going to test this out has left the company. Ooops. When we have a greater/more urgent need to use this, we’ll test it then, and maybe remember to update the review. Sorry- I know- not much help.

  66. Jesus Perez

    Good product
    Excellent product and easy to use.

  67. S. A. ROBBINS

    Works to convert RS232 to USB.
    I have a module that has RS232 and that is the only way to program it. Tried a couple other RS232 converters that I had but they didn’t work with this particular module so I bought one of these Gearmo USB RS-232 Serial Adapters and works with no problem.

  68. Autumn Elizabeth

    It Works
    I couldn’t be more pleased with this converter. I tried 2 other brands that really made me want to just give up on USB to serial converters. The first one I tried i got from eBay. It was a total loss. The second one I bought at best buy and it uses the Prolific chip set. I cant stress enough that if the converter you are looking at has the prolific chip set STAY AWAY!!! It is the most frustrating thing I have ever tried to get working on a PC. Luckily I was able to return it after 3 days of trying different drivers. Then I did some research and i found this converter. It has saved my bacon! I plugged it in, loaded the driver, and It worked correctly. Crazy part is I paid less for the this one than the others.Also I have used it on Widows 10, window 7, and Mac Its Works on all of these OS like it should

  69. Satisfied user

    Fast and easy. Plug-and-play on my Thinkpad
    Did not have to fo anything except plug it into my computer and like magic, my device connected.

  70. JB

    Works with windows 10
    Works with windows 10, The lights really help when you’re troubleshooting.

  71. David B.

    It works where others fail
    I used this to connect my laptop to stepper motor drivers which require serial input to change settings. Two other adapters failed and this one worked straight away with no tweaking.

  72. PlasticMan

    Good serial adapter.
    Worked well. Performed as desired.

  73. Amanda Edwards

    High Quality
    Excellent product, easy to use plug and play. My only gripe is that it could have been longer for my specific needs?

  74. Jtel87

    One of the best FDTI USB-serial cable with LED indication in my experience. I used it for serial communication testing and configuration. I highly recommend it

  75. Amazon Customer

    Works with windows 10 pro
    Great cable, easy install and leds allow you to know the cable is working fine.

  76. Craig Veatch

    Worked as advertised
    Worked perfectly with Windows 10

  77. M. Jones

    Plug ‘n Play
    I was worried after reading the install manual that it would be difficult to install this on my corporate, well-locked-down, Windows 7 workstation. Not so. I plugged it into a USB port, and Windows Update downloaded the 2 drivers needed. A reboot was all I needed to have a new COM4 port. Thanks guys! I hope it goes as well when I get upgraded to Windows 10 (which I am trying to postpone as long as possible).

  78. S. Gardner

    If you are connecting to a female port with fastener posts the product will not fit
    The product is male with female fastening posts, so if you are connecting to a device that is female with female fasteners already on it, this will not be able to connect.

  79. Jerald Cook

    Works Well
    Use it at work several times per week.

  80. A Fred

    Works as Expected
    Took it out of the bag. Plugged it into the computer. Hooked up from the Serial port from my machine, CNC Router. Works as I had hoped it will. No problems thus far, it’s been about a week.

  81. Bshima

    Great quality
    Great quality. The usb to serial connector comes with a cd so no need to look for drivers online. Well packed . The product works very well and glad I got it. Well worth the price.

  82. Spencer

    Don’t cheap out and buy this one
    I use serial to communicate with a lot of older test equipment, and many of the older systems require precise timing to work properly. This serial adapter has worked flawlessly with everything I have tested it on including older Icom receivers and LeCroy LT series oscilloscopes. It has the real FTDI chipset, and works well. The indicator lights are nice to see if the unit is talking, though I don’t use it for testing directly like some others. If you’re looking for an adapter get this one, you will probably have trouble using the other "cheap" ones like I did!

  83. Roo

    This USB to Serial solved my comm problem. I am routinely connecting to a 100 foot run to program a LED sign, which in itself can be problematic. The best converted that I had found was unreliable on a Win 8 laptop and unusable on Win 10. The Gearmo converter works well with both OS’s and the LED indicators are nice to visually verify the serial connection and data traffic. I recommend this converter.

  84. Dick Benson

    Works great with Win7 and PuTTY. Truly “plug and play”, Win7 already had the drivers. LEDs are very handy.
    It would be incrementally better if the LEDs (TX and RX in particular) were driven by a re-triggerable one shot to keep them lit longer.

  85. mattcero

    Truly plug and play! WAY WAY better than the PL2303 based devices! This think plugged and played in both my Win 7 and Win 10 notebooks.

  86. USMCguy

    I love being able to see the leds during operation. I no longer have to login to the computer to check to see if anything is being transmitted. The lights show line status of the RS232 protocol.

  87. John Moore

    As a Network Engineer working with Cisco products it is necessary for me to have a serial port available to console into routers and switches and new notebooks no longer have a serial port as a standard feature so USB serial adapters are required. If you just have a cable then if the console port does not come up then you have to figure out if it is the notebook or the console port that is causing the issue. Having the LED breakout indicators makes this much easier. I highly recommend this product.

  88. D. Webster

    Works great. Used on Windows 10. Just plugged it in and drivers auto installed. Great chip set. Used to install Cisco switches and firewalls.

  89. Dan Roganti

    This unit works great and even at the slowest baud rates, 9600 8N1, for my vintage computers.

    The one item I noticed is that I couldn’t get it to work with different setting 7N1 at 9600baud. I would get garbage characters instead. I know I can use the built-in serial port on my desktop directly without problems at 7N1.

    I use Teraterm or Putty on Win7, and then Minicom on Linux

    Anyone else successful in changing the settings ?

  90. Gymratt

    I have to constantly access serial ports on enterprise computer equipment and the absence of serial ports on laptops was something I had to overcome. This cable not only solves my connectivity problem but also comes with a very handy traffic light to let me know if the ports are even working as soon as I plug the cable in. Gear-Mo updates their drivers so I advise anyone buying this cable to visit their website for the latest driver. As far as configuring it simply follow the documentation for your OS and you’ll be on your way.

    I have used other USB to serial cables but if you need serial DB-9 connectivity buy this one, and you’ll be glad you did.

  91. Micah Wolf

    I needed this for connecting my laptop (which does not have a serial port) to a piece of lab equipment. My windows 7 machine did not need the included drivers (on a mini-disk), it just worked when I plugged it in. I am using LABView to communicate thru the USB adapter to control what the lab equipment settings are, or to communicate status/measurements from the equipment and this works beautifully. The LED’s are a nice touch to verify that data is being sent back and forth, which helps when you are setting up for the first time and want to verify communications are working properly.

    I haven’t beat this up, but it is being used in a work environment and so far this has held up nicely. It’s not industrial strength, but it also doesn’t feel like it’s going to break into pieces if I drop it. I bought several for our lab.

  92. Tyler M.

    After having struggled with corrupt data on my PL2303-based adapter every few minutes, I was suspecting problems with the target device, especially when the problem persisted after swapping adapters, reloading drivers, and trying a different PC.

    Lesson learned: Replacing a Prolific chip with another Prolific chip isn’t gonna fix it! Go FTDI or go home.

    I bought (two of) these and the problems haven’t come back; I can receive *megs* of text without so much as a hiccup. Logging over a long weekend used to be completely out of the question, now it’s become routine.

    And yes, the diagnostic LEDs are every bit as useful as you’d imagine, perhaps more so. Not only do they show you TX/RX and flow control, but they show you *when the port is open at all*, which is super handy if you’ve got multiple adapters plugged in and you’ve lost track of which COM port is which. Forget the paperclip loopback! Forget unplugging things to see which port stops responding! Just watch each adapter go all Christmas-tree when you open its respective port, and the mystery is conclusively solved.

    My colleague has been using the other one to drive an old board plotter, which had exhibited inexplicable, random, and extremely frustrating bugs for months. Switching to a genuine FTDI adapter made everything suddenly work! The misbehavior is gone, the software doesn’t lock up anymore, and we’re back to making boards in-house instead of sending them out. Turns out the plotter wasn’t bad after all, it was just a cheap serial adapter!

    I’m never skimping on cheap serial adapters again.

  93. Fred S.

    I ordered this adapter for two uses: First to use with my old X10 controller at home and second to connect to the console serial port on a piece of test equipment at work.

    For the X10 controller, I elected to the USB/Serial adapter on a Windows 8 PC. I created a “restore point” before inserting the mini CD that came with the adapter (just in case!). Then I plugged the adapter into a USB port and surprisingly there was no request to install a driver. So I looked at the Device manager and found that “USB Serial Converter” appeared without having to install the driver from the CD.

    I then ran the X10 control software and it found COM4 and worked right away.

    I haven’t tried the test equipment at work yet, but I don’t expect any problems. And the LEDs will be very useful for this.

    Very happy with the product and the price.

  94. Brett B.

    I needed a serial cable to communicate to an Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC and my laptop does not have a RS-232 serial port. I read about some bad experiences people have had with other adapters. It seemed that the general consensus has been to stick with the FTDI chipset adapters.

    After looking through some products and reviews, I came across this item. In my opinion, the LED lights to indicate activity was good feature to have for any troubleshooting.

    My computer uses the 64-bit version of Windows 7. When I plugged the adapter in, the OS recognized it and downloaded the drivers via Windows update. It defaulted to COM7, so I changed it to COM1 and connected it to the PLC. I auto-configured a DF1 channel in RSLinx Classic and immediately discovered it using RSWho.

    I’ve had it connected to the PLC all day and there have been no issues in the communication. I checked the diagnostics for the channel and there were no bad packets, timeouts, or retries.

    This seems like a great product.

  95. Mike King

    Awesome!! One of the only serial to USB adapters out there with status lights. Makes it very easy to trouble and diagnose serial data issues and pin configurations. Also works out-of-the-box on Win 7 x64 with no need to install additional drivers. Thanks for the great product!!

  96. Dshier

    I ordered this adapter for two uses: First to use with my old X10 controller at home and second to connect to the console serial port on a piece of test equipment at work.

    For the X10 controller, I elected to the USB/Serial adapter on a Windows 8 PC. I created a “restore point” before inserting the mini CD that came with the adapter (just in case!). Then I plugged the adapter into a USB port and surprisingly there was no request to install a driver. So I looked at the Device manager and found that “USB Serial Converter” appeared without having to install the driver from the CD.

    I then ran the X10 control software and it found COM4 and worked right away.

    I haven’t tried the test equipment at work yet, but I don’t expect any problems. And the LEDs will be very useful for this.

    Very happy with the product and the price.

  97. Mark Newsome

    The old Belkin adapter I was using seemed to cause the dreaded BSOD on XP and didn’t support Windows 7. This one works great on either OS. With this adapter I can use my Computrainer with a (late 2008) Macbook, running Windows 7 under Parallels. The blinking LEDs are a nice touch — they let you know it’s working!

  98. skyskier

    Running it with an old school DOS program running in the ‘D-Fend Reloaded’ emulator and works well. LEDs are easy to use for confirmation of data signals.

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