2-Port Professional RS-232 USB 2.0 to Serial Adapter 5ft.

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Gearmo 2 Port Professional USB 2.0 to Serial Converter FT2232D Chip with Power LED is a great solution when a limited number of serial ports are available.

  • Utilizes FT2232D FTDI Chip set
  • Automatically configures the additional COM ports
  • Plug and Play allows easy installation
  • 5ft. Cable Length
  • Perfect for connecting serial modems, bar code scanners and others
  • Supports Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, Linux, OSX

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If you need to run a Windows 11 serial device(s) with a limited number of serial ports and not many options, it can be frustrating. The Gearmo 2 Port Professional USB 2.0 to Serial Converter FT2232D Chip with Power LED is a great solution. This RS232 2-port cable utilizes a high performance FTDI Chip that easily adds 2 standard serial ports to your desktop, laptop or other mobile device and fully supports Windows 11.

The converter’s serial outputs are automatically configured as additional COM ports. The USB 2.0 to Serial dual RS232 port converter cable is compatible with most GPS and PDA devices such as Garmin, Magellan, or Palm and peripherals in your office such as modems, printers, scanners, and digital cameras.

This serial converter cable has built-in protection against static electricity and surges up to 15KV giving you reliable data transfers and protects the converter and your equipment from damage due to over voltages.


Package Contents:

  • 5ft. USB 2.0 to Dual Serial Adapter converter cable
  • Driver Disk (downloadable)
  • Manual (downloadable)

USB Serial RS232 converter

USB Plug and Play allows easy installation and requires no IRQ, DMA, or I/O port resources which means more devices can be attached to your system without the hassles of device and resource conflicts. The 2 Port USB 2.0 to Serial RS-232 converter is suitable for general office, commercial and industrial use.

With a FTDI and SIPEX CHIP Powered by USB, the device does not require a power outlet. Once connected, the adapter retains its assigned serial COM port values, allowing the same values to automatically be re-assigned to the ports provided by the adapter in the event that it is disconnected, then re-connected to the host computer.


USB to DB9 serial connectors image - GM-FTDI2XAdditional Features

  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • USB interface: standard Type A female
  • Automatic handshake support
  • Baud rates up to 921.600bps
  • No power supply needed
  • Dual 16 Byte hardware data buffer (up/down stream)
  • Cable Length: 5 feet
  • Windows 11 supported

Supported OS :

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11
  • Linux
  • Mac OS 10.X

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 2 in




Cable Length

Supported OS

, , , , ,




USB to RS232


1 year from date of purchase.

Chip Set

Drivers & Manuals

Latest FTDI Driver Download Button Latest FTDI Driver
Download Product Manual GM-FTDI2X Product Manual

11 reviews for 2-Port Professional RS-232 USB 2.0 to Serial Adapter 5ft.

  1. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This unit works as advertised with windows, Linux, and Unix based systems.
    I’m able to use this unit on every management system. It works under Windows, Linux, and Unix based system I can confirm.

  2. america roman quevedo

    buena compra

  3. JRodney

    Gearmo 2 Port USB to Serial Professional Adapter works perfecrly.
    Bought to replace two port serial PCE card. I had problems getting Windows XP under VMWaare under Windos to recognize card serial ports for an old Singer Monogramming sewing machine. Gearmo 2 Port USB to Serial Professional Adapter works perfectly. Mission accomplished!

  4. Amazon Customer

    It works!
    It works with MacBook Pro 2018

  5. Ross M Hopp

    Works great

  6. Nathan Skorupa

    Works with windows 10 and server 2012
    I needed these for work as I have a pile of USB to serial adapters that do not work for whatever reason probably drivers. This works. I did have to use the supplied drivers on CD to 2012 servers but this is a improvement from the others I have bought. Recommended.

  7. WA8LMF

    After years of struggling with buggy drivers and erratic configurations of these devices, especially ones based on the Prolific Tech chip set (as most of the inexpensive USB<–<serial cables are) this one "just works"! This one worked the very first time on WinXP, Win7-32, and on Win7-64. Even bigger surprise was that on Win7-64 (which is notoriously fussy about demanding officially-Microsoft-blessed "signed drivers") the device just "automagically" started working about 20 seconds after I plugged it in. Apparently, the FTDI chip (that this device is based on) is a known device in Win7's library of devices — I didn't even have to use the provided install CD or download a driver.

    I use the device to connect legacy serial-interface GPS hardware and two-way radio modems to a laptop in my car. This is a notoriously noisy electrical environment, with all the electrical/electronic devices, alternator hash, etc. This device has been absolutely rock solid with none of the hiccups, random disconnects, etc I've had with other such cables.

    Getting two serial ports for the cost of one USB port is a bonus, especially on netbooks with their limited supply of USB ports.

  8. J. Keefe

    I work on tech and it requires a console connection to do the basic setup/troubleshooting. This sucker did a fantastic job and allows me to connect to multiple systems at the same time. The console ports are clearly marked, so their is no confusion about which cable is which port. It doesn’t slow down the response, either. I have seen some cables that split the connectivity so that you get 10-20 lines from one cable, then 10-20 lines from the other.

    So, long and the short is that it works and does it easily. I mainly use a Mac, so I can provide OSX approval and confirmation of working. If you really press, I could provide iTerm2 settings that I use to capture my console logs and tell it to grab the ports for serial.

    This same cable is now the standard cable to be purchased if anyone asks me. So, I would say go for it, if you need a dual-serial connection. It’s good and it works.

  9. Drady Smithenson

    Finally! A usbrs232 adapter that actually works with no hassle!!
    Just downloaded and installed the driver on my OSX 10.8.2 laptop and it all worked.
    Same no hassle on my Win7-64 laptop.
    Thank you FTDI!!!

    Recently lost a day of work with adapters based on the Prolific chipset and drivers.
    Never again.

  10. Matthew G. Wonson

    I bought four of these to use in an automated testing setup. The USB to serial adpaters that I had used previously would not load drivers correctly when used with certain computers. These adapters work perfectly with windows 7 and retain their com port assignment. These adapters do precisely what they claim to do, I highly reccomend them.

  11. Mr. Matthew J. Rasmussen

    What can I say, it’s a USB to dual serial port adapter, and it works with Windows 7. Another cool thing is that it reflects the same port to the OS no matter what USB port you plug it into. You choose COM4 and COM5 for the serial ports, it’s ALWAYS COM4 and COM5, a good thing.

    Well built, feels like it won’t break soon, and also has long wires so you probably won’t even need extensions if you’re working within a normal distance of your devices.

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